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VarDial Evaluation Campaign on Similar Languages, Varieties and Dialects

First edition of the VarDial Evaluation Campaign containing four tasks.

Evaluation Campaign at VarDial

For the first time we are organizing a comprehensive evaluation campaign on similar languages, varieties and dialects with multiple tasks.

We are widening the scope of the previous DSL shared tasks which focused on the identification of similar languages and language varieties such as the DSL 2014 and DSL 2015, and the DSL 2016 which also included Arabic dialects.

We are offering four shared tasks this year:


We are pleased to announce results of the four VarDial Evaluation Campaign shared tasks. Please click on the following links to obtain a ranks with the results of each task.

Arabic Dialect Identification (ADI)
Cross-lingual Dependency Parsing (CLP)
Discriminating between Similar Languages (DSL)
German Dialect Identification (GDI)

For ADI, DSL, and GDI ranks refer to closed submission only. For these three tasks we will be releasing ranks with statistical significance shortly.


To participate we request teams to fill the registration form. A maximum of 3 submissions is allowed in each task and track (open or closed).

After the shared task we will be inviting teams to submit system description papers. Papers should contain maximum 10 pages (8 pages of content + 2 pages of references). Submissions should be formatted according to the EACL template.

Important Dates

Please fill the registration form to participate.