Translation and Technology Colloquium: Summer Semester 2014

Dates: Tuesdays at 4pm (check the table below for the correct dates)
Location: Building A 2.2., Room 1.27

DateSpeaker: Title
01.07.14Marcos Zampieri: "A Report on the DSL Shared Task 2014" (VarDial @ COLING Dry Run)
08.07.14Liling Tan: "Seedling: The Human Lnguage Project and its Application to Machine Translation"
15.07.14Mihaela Vela: "Re-ranking MT Outputs from WMT 2013"
22.07.14Santanu Pal: "Manawi: Using Multi-word Expressions and Named Entities to Improve Machine Translation" (WMT @ ACL Dry Run)

Present Colloquium